For Quality Stone & Tile Solutions In Canberra

Enrich Stone & Tile Solutions will help you get the most out of your surfaces.

We can provide treatment and protection to new floors and surfaces to prevent staining and damage.

We also specialize in the restoration of old surfaces. Surfaces that are stained, scratched or dull can be restored to their former state or transformed into something new.

Each customer is provided with a specific maintenance program which allows the life of your stone or tile to be maximized. We also offer a range of maintenance products including cleaners and sealers.


About us

Enrich Stone & Tile Solutions is a owner operated  business, servicing all areas of Canberra and surrounding NSW.


We pride ourselves on top quality work and customer satisfaction.


We provide a variety of services which aim to prolong and enhance the appearance and quality of your surfaces.


We'll be happy to provide any advice or information you require, and can help you make the decisions that are right for you.


Contact us

Contact us for:

  • Sealing of stone, tiles and paving
  • Stone restoration
  • Grout sealing, coloring and rejuvenation


We work with both residential and commercial customers, and no job is too big or too small